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so pause the game perfectly but now i can't unpause it, here is the code:

extends Spatial
var paused = false

func _process(_delta):
  if input.is_action_pressed("escape") and paused == false:
     get_tree().paused = true
     paused = true
  elif Input.is_action_pressed("ui_accept") and paused == true:
     get_tree().paused = false
     paused = false

    #please help
Godot version godot 3.3.3
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Pausing is an unrecoverable state. You can't run an instruction to unpause because it's paused.

The way round this is to go into the node and change the mode. You can do this in the editor or you can hit pause_mode = Node.PAUSE_MODE_PROCESS

So, if you set this to "inherit", it's inherit the pause state. If it's "process" though it'll carry on processing even if everything else is paused.

Here's a tutorial:

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I tried that, but because it's the main scene whenever I change it to process, nothing is paused

Sorry - it's late now where I am, I'll try to come back to you tomorrow. If you can flesh out what exactly you tried that would be super helpful. The trick is to keep a script ticking over like setting an alarm clock. Don't worry if you're struggling, this is infinitely doable.


Ok, I just make a test project and it works fine. My test project looks like this:

  Spatial --> Script A
  MeshInstance ---> Script to make it move up and down

Script A:

extends Spatial

var paused = false

func _ready():
    pause_mode = Node.PAUSE_MODE_PROCESS

func _process(_delta):
    if Input.is_action_pressed("escape") and paused == false:
        paused = true
        get_tree().paused = true
    elif Input.is_action_pressed("escape") and paused == true:
        get_tree().paused = false
        paused = false

Pressing escape pauses and unpauses. Putting it in func _input would be a bit better btw.

Good luck!

ok, i will try this

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