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I run into problem, when I unpause the game I getting this error:

Space state is inaccesible right now, wait for iteration or fixed process notification
Condition '!dss' is true, returned: Vector3()
Method/Function failed, returning: 0
Condition '!dss' is true, returned: Vector3()

And this problem is related with this (called from _fixed_process()):

var motion = parent.move_to(parent.get_global_transform().xform(Vector3(0, 0, -currentSpeed * delta)))

Please can someone help me to fix this?

Thank you

EDIT: my mistake was to put pause code inside _fixed_process() as well, just paste code into _process() and there is no errors.

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Where does this code get called from?

this pat of code is on my player and this means player movement.

Is it being called in _fixed_process() or _integrate_forces()?

omg sorry it is called in _fixed_process()

No problem. So it's in a player class, in fixed processing, and it's calling to move it's parent node? Are both nodes inheriting pause mode?

Yes both nodes pause mode - inherit

Sorry, I'm not able to reproduce this error. =(

thank you avencherus for trying but I got it! my mistake was to put pause code inside _fixed_process(), just paste pause code into _process() and problem is gone!

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