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I am trying to make my background/foreground clouds of my scene have a parallax scroll effect for a game I am trying to make. The issue I am having with it is I am getting this pop in effect when it seems to reach its width bounds. I have searched and messed with settings based off on similar posts but I haven't been able to fix it. I recorded a small clip of it to show what it looks like (basically happens at the 10 second mark but I shortened it in the gif to save peoples time).

Gif of pop in -

This is my project settings / window settings -

Foreground Clouds Sprite Settings -

Background Clouds Sprite Settings -

Background Clouds Import Settings -

Foregrounds Clouds Import Settings -

Script example:

extends ParallaxLayer

export(float) var CLOUD_SPEED = -15

func _process(delta) -> void:
    self.motion_offset.x += CLOUD_SPEED * delta

This is from BitBrains Parallax Background Tutorial.

Any help would be appreciated.

  • TheSnowmannDev
Godot version 3.4.2
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can you send the properties of the parallaxlayer?

BackgroundClouds ParallaxLayer settings -
ForegroundsClouds ParallaxLayer settings -
YouTube Example of what is happening -

2 Answers

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I figured out the issue. Because my sprites were 240x135 and I was using the GSL2 project setting it did not like that when I set the repeat to enabled because it couldn't scale in a power of two. Once I swapped to GSL3 the issue was solved. I also changed my Project Window > Size > Width to 240 and Height to 135 with the Test width and height of (240x4) x (135x4).

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You have to import the textures with the flag "repeat" set to enabled in the import tab
Press "reimport" after setting repeat to enabled as shown.

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They are set to repeat. You can see in the import settings pictures that I had it set to enabled.

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