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I'm trying to build a pause menu but keep certain elements still running when the game pauses.
Looking at this documentation, adjusting the pause mode is what I want to do but not with a script, scene, singleton or node but with a plugin:

The plugin I'm using is paused when I use this code to pause the game and is unpaused when I unpause the game. Taken directly from the above documentation:

get_tree().paused = not get_tree().paused
self.visible = get_tree().paused

I can manually set singletons to pause mode "process" using this code, which works on any scripts written myself outside of the plugin:

self.set_pause_mode(2) # set the pause mode to process

However the plugin itself does not respond when scripts are calling it. The specific plugin I'm using is the Wwise Godot integration plugin, wonderfully maintained and developed over here:
The plugin is an integration for the audio middleware Wwise which is an excellent tool for sound designers and composers to get advanced functionality for audio without the need for advanced code.

The plugin has a file which I've tried adding the above pause mode code to with no hope, it also has two GDNS files which seem to have no effect when using the code inside the _init function.

So my question is how do I pause the game, but let the plugin continue working?

Godot version 3.4.2
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From what I can tell, there's little we can do to help. You'll have to ask the developers for this problem (and it looks like you've already open up an issue with them).

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For the rest of the class, and to make me look particularly foolish.... this can be done by calling this function from Wwise which makes total sense.


Answered by the plugin author here:

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