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I've recently delved into creating EditorPlugins to make it easier to edit custom resources I've created. Unfortunately, having any class that extends EditorPlugins prevents me from exporting my projects - I presume because Godot is linking against a library that does not include a symbol for the EditorPlugin class for exports. So I would like to find a way to comment out my EditorPlugin when exporting my projects but still have it there when I compile for debug so that my plugin can still be used by the editor.

The C# preprocessor seemed to be the answer to this problem and the docs even say that I can define my custom flags by adding a keyword to the Export/Features panel:

Unfortunately, this is not working for me. I added the keyword 'export' to the Features panel and used #if GODOT_EXPORT to try and use it, but the flag seems to be ignored.

        richTextLabel.BbcodeText = "release";
        richTextLabel.BbcodeText = "debug";

How do I set my custom flag? Is there some other way to not have this code compiled into any exported version of my project?

Godot version v3.4.stable.mono.official [206ba70f4]
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Try this way:
enter image description here
enter image description here

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How do I have that set only when I export? That looks like it will be set regardless of the target.

i think there is a DEBUG flag that you can use.

#define NEW_FLAG

That does seem to work to solve this problem. Still, it would be nice to know why the Features section does not seem to be working.

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