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extends Node

class_name weapon

export var firerate = 0.5
export var clip
size = 5
export var reload_rate = 1

onready var raycast = $"./Head/Camera/RayCast"
var currentammo = clipsize
var can_fire = true
var reloading = false

func process(delta):
actionjustpressed("primaryfire") and canfire:
if currentammo > 0 and not reloading:
print("Fired weapon")
fire = false
currentammo -= 1
yield(gettree().createtimer(fire_rate), "timeout")

        can_fire = true
    elif not reloading:
        reloading = true
        yield(get_tree().create_timer(reload_rate), "timeout")
        current_ammo = clip_size
        reloading = false
        print("Reload complete")

func checkcollision():
var collider = raycast.getcollider()
print("Killed" +

Godot version 3.4.2
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what does the error say?

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  2. You mention you're getting an error. Please post the error itself and any other relevant info you might have.

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