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I have got a program written in python, that I compiled as .exe. I want to create gui in godot and then run my exe wiyh parameters.
How do i do that?

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You need to write it like that:

OS.execute('C:/Users/Seppoday/AppData/Roaming/Spotify/Spotify.exe', [], true)

Path have that slash "/" not that "\" and you add array, and true or false at the end.


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Try doing:

OS.execute("D:\\Coding\\ascii\\dist\\main.exe", []) #<- make sure that you are properly escaping the backslashes.

Other than that go check out the documentation for OS.execute()

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thank you


works as well, though

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OS.execute('shell_command', [])
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I tried

func _ready():

error: Too few arguments for "execute()" call. Expected at least 2.

OS.execute("cmd.exe", ["D:\Coding\ascii\dist\main.exe"])

doesn't return error, but neither executes the file


finally worked, but makes main.exe return errors that it wouldn't if i run it in win explorer.

anyway, others, take note that OS.execute() runs file in project directory for some reason

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