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i followed the gdquest guide to making 3d movement about a week ago and everything was going fine up until now. i am trying to make an invisible path that you can follow to reach a secret in my game but for some reason the player character stops at a random point. tracking the variables shows that the character is constantly moving vertically even though you can clearly see he isn't, and on top of that you can't move at all. is there anything in the engine that is limiting how far i can go or is it something else?

the invisible platform

infinitely falling i think

Godot version 3.4.2
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Is it possible your whole world is falling? :)

Did you debug the collision shapes? Are they matching the mesh shapes that you expect?

i have, everything seems to freeze up completely but i can still move the camera and use wasd to look in different directions, but i can't jump or move,,, for some reason the super jump power up i have added fixes it, too? if you use it you can continue to move but it's not a very efficient fix :[

You might need to post some code if you'd like more detailed suggestions :)

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