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According to High Level Multiplayer, rpc() calls (rather than rpc_unreliable() calls) are stated to be guaranteed to arrive on peers. However, the NetworkedMultiplayerPeer being used in the example, NetworkedMultiplayerENet, only uses UDP. So I am confused as to how the RPC calls are guaranteed to arrive if the PacketPeer is not using TCP? Are they just resent until they arrive, and can I trust the arguments that arrive on the RPC function?

Godot version 3.3.4-stable
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The library behind (ENet) uses the same technique as TCP, keep sending until it reaches the other end of the "stream". The cost to send a packet is basically the same as TCP, although ENet offers more features, such as different channels, unreliable and reliable etc...

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Ok I see. ENet has Mr. Good Algorithm. Thanks for the answer!

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