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Hi everyone,

in order to set up AdMob properly, is it necessary to fill in the lines under Project/Export/Android(Runnable)/Options/Custom Template/ Debug and Release or can I leave them empty?
It appears that everything runs just fine on my USB-connected Android-phone without filling in those lines, but I'm not sure if I should anyway...

Godot version 3.3
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it's ok if test ads are working

Well alright then, thank you! Good to know.

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It's okay if you don't fill in the debug one since it'll use what you set in editor settings. But the release one will need to be filled out with the appropriate data, some of which will be game-specific and may be given to you when exporting to Google Play.

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Oh alright, thanks for the hint.

There are two Release positions: one under Custom Template and another one under Keystore, which also offers Release User and Release Password. I wonder which info/path I will need to fill in in the end, but you mean that Google Play will provide those once things get "serious", yes?

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