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I'm having a problem with getting Skyboxes to work in my project. They are showing just fine in the editor, but when it came to testing the game, the background/sky is grey again...

Skybox here

Not here

Here's the properties of the Skybox, if it helps at all:

Skybox Properties

Here's the project as is, the scenes in question are in "Tengist GD Data/Scenes/Levels" and it's Levels 1-3:

I tried this on the January 2nd Fixnum build and the 2.1.2 stable, and the problem exists in both. Also, there is just the one World Environment in the scene. (Some people suggested that that might've been the problem, evidently not)

What do I do?

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I found the problem! It turns out that it might have been because of the fact that my file name has spaces, or was in a separate folder. Regardless, sorting both of those problems out fixed the issue!

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