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How do you change global gravity properties from code at runtime?

Thought it might be possible from a custom integrate_forces method where the physics state is passed to you, but only see get_total_gravity(); no setter there. Was hoping gravity could be accessed/changed from a normal fixed_process method.

Thought there may be a way to reference a "default" Area2D in a scene which would also allow gravity to be changed, but can't find a way.

Is there an easy way to do this, before I kludge something together with these various options?

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1 Answer

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with this kind of code I have changed the global gravity in my game

Physics2DServer.areasetparam(getworld2d().getspace(), Physics2DServer.AREAPARAMGRAVITYVECTOR, Vector2(0,0))

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Note that you can also set AREA_PARAM_GRAVITY (which is a scalar) if you just want to change the strength.

Underscores seem to have disappeared from this answer. I think it should be:
Physics2DServer.area_set_param(get_world_2d().space, Physics2DServer.AREA_PARAM_GRAVITY_VECTOR, Vector2.ZERO)

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