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There's a problem that I'am fighting to in since December: I have an cemetery and an UI to search, at a line text (control) a grave or a dead person or whatever this cemitery have.
But when I click at any control, the functions of Scene it self became unusable...

Control has Focus, so I deal with them, but how I should tell that I wanna came back to original Spatial (the root scene)?


Godot version 3.4
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Do you want to change the scene or...

Looks like control node's captures mouse input, how do I proceed? If I click a button, the scene behind it lost the mouse behavior. And in some cases like VSlider, it never release the click input and follow mouse position Y for ever, so I have to "alt tab" and reenter, than every thing come back to normal and the 3D scene take control over mouse input...

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