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i make test tree like:
...|Slot (slotScript)
area2d (listen areaentered)

func _on_item_slot_area_entered(area):
only give object : "itemarea2d" but i need "Item" object to assign temp_item = Item
how can i do it ?

Godot version 3.4.3
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func _on_item_slot_area_entered(area):

ty for your answer. May be example above too simple to discription my situation.

im try drag "item" to "item_slot" (both have area2d) by 2 signal
1 item enter slot area
2 mouse is release

but "itemarea" deep is different among others item and "item" name different too so i cant call multi times get_parent() because i dont know how deep "itemarea" are.

each item are scene it self

i'm looking for solution help me determine which "itemarea" parent without call getparent or must know node name. Example above node "Item" is what i want

  • other small problem: how make text indent by tab in comment ?

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i solve my problem by my self after few test (actually after many digging ).

area.owner extractly what i looking for


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