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Hello there. I'm just trying to star Godot (3.4.3 standar 32 bits) for the first time, and it just send this error:

Error: Condition "!version" is true. Returned: -1

And it shows nothing on the interface. What can it be and how can I solve it?

P.D: I've also tried 64 bits version on another pc. It does run but everething on the
Assets library looks blury, the miniatures and the assets on the engine. So i cannot see nothing of them and I'm afraid that anything I make with the engine will look the same.

Error: Condition "!version" is true. Returned: -1

The blury issue. The blury Asset Library and a Pong multiplayer blury asset:

Two problems one engine :C

Godot version 3.4.3
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The editor may not be able to run if the graphics card is too old. Is the computer you're using quite old, e.g. 7 or more years?

Yes, it is over 7 years. The GPU is a Geforce 8400GS (kind of old)

Then the editor probably can't run due to the graphics card.

Yeah. It seams that the engine has not support for Geforce 8/9 series... Now I got to get into another engine that does not require too much hardware. Thanks for you answers :D

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