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Alright. I was trying to see if I could use an HTTP Request to download an exe file and an x86_64 file from GitHub. I've tried many was to succeed in it, but it never prospered. this is an example of what I tried to do.

What this is supposed to do its download the file & put it into the apps directory of my app.

func DownloadTestApp(result, response_code, headers, body):
    if (current_app.file_exists("user://apps/TestApp.exe")):
        OS.alert("File Exists", "Error")
        var f ="user://apps/TestApp.exe", File.WRITE)

What this is supposed to do is find what button I pressed in a Menu Button & do what it needs to do to start the download.

func _item_pressed(id):
var user_path = OS.get_user_data_dir()
var item_name = $DownloadPrograms.get_popup().get_item_text(id)
if item_name == "TestApp":
    OS.alert("The software will now continue to download TestApp", "Download")
    http_request.connect("request_completed", self, "DownloadTestApp")

Please note that the url that's included isn't real. It's the same thing as my personal url but some names are changed

Godot version 3.4.3
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This site is about questions. What is your one?

how to download a file from GitHub. Like I stated before, I tried many different ways to complete that, but it never really worked.

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