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So I Followed a WebRTC Multiplayer Tutorial. I'm Able To Host or join a game, The Problem is that only one play can see, the other is blank. Also, player 1 is controlling the other player. Can anyone help me fix this? Here is a link to a video showing the bugs, And here's the link To the code.

Godot version 3.4.3
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Quick glance at the code, you should add more debug(print()) code to see what is going on at most functions to see where the second player is at through the whole joining process. I didn't go through your whole code base, so this is just general helpful information.

I watched the video and you are clicking the host button not the join button as well. I assume this is built to be the main player hosts a server and everyone else joins. If so you need to make sure that you hosting/ joining properly or that the code is working around that as well.

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