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This is probably Windows fault, but I cannot fix it and it happens EVERY SINGLE TIME unless I open it in the project list window.

And I think Windows somehow used Godot 4 (alpha) as default app, without Godot letting me confirm. I wasn't even trying to port yet, and somehow it attempted to load my project in Godot 4 without a warning... thought there was a warning popup window for that, like the one that 3.4.2 gives me, below:

But, instead, Godot 4/Windows, locked up for about 3 minutes, crashed and now my latest project is not opening in either Godot 4 or , what I intended to open it with, Godot 3.4.2. So this is what I get when I try to open it in 3.4.2:

Then of course, intermittently ('ll post a screen shot of this no projects found pop up, next time it happens), when I quit to my project list, The list is empty and I have to show Godot where to scan for the project folder.

This one hasn't been happening as much lately, but it does happen enough that it's a nuisance.

Anyone having any of this issues? Help me fix it?

Godot version 3.4.2, 4
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I cannot help you fix it as I use Linux and that OS just doesnt have problems like this but I can provide some advice for the future. At points in my process of building a game I create an archive file elsewhere and copy all of the files in my main godot project into that. I have never needed the backup but I have tested it and if you need to go back to old code for any reason you can create a new project in godot and point it to the file you created as a backup and it works fine. If you do this in the future it may help to give you a way of at least fixing this to a point.

Did Godot create any Backup file inside the Root-Folder of your project?
Maybe something like "godot.project.bak"?

Seems like Godot updated your project to Version 4, but Version 3.4 isn't able to read it then anymore.

Yeah, but I think this is happening only if I open from outside the project list. that's the dilemma. I think all of the errors I'm reporting are associated... that's why i thought windows is mucking up my file association but it only happens with Godot... So, I thought I'd ask if anyone else is having this problem or something similar.

No, no backup file..

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Unfortunately I don’t know the answer either. I also use Linux. But when I used Windows before, in similar cases (in other programs) I would have completely uninstalled that program and cleaned and reinstalled all its internal files.

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