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what should the result be, for the code below ? thanks !
(edited: the result is True but it should be False, so I don't understand why is so)

extends Node
var a = false
var b = false
var c = true
var d = true
var e = false

func _ready():
 if a or d or c and e :
     print (true)
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In binary operations, you can (basically) replace:
OR by + (addition)
AND by x (multiplication)
true by 1
false by 0
As in mathematics you always calculate multiplication before addition, you always check AND before OR

Which means:
a OR d OR c AND e could be written:
= a + d + c x e
= 0 + 1 + 1 x 0
= 0 + 1 + (1 x 0)
= 0 + 1 + 0
= true

The correct result is True ;)

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As Omicron says: put parenthesis if you are unsure. That's the best way of not making mistakes ;)

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Check this :

Precedence of AND operator is higher than OR operator.

Anyway, without even checking docs, when coding, just use parenthesis if unsure.

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