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I've many question about godot, pls help me .
1- godot does support sockets (tcp,udp,websocket) and it's stuff(encryption algorithms)?(based on engine)
2- godot does support arabic language to show in screen?
3-godot does support mobile features?(like sensors or keyboard)

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Take a look at the documentation before asking:

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  1. Godot has "low-level" network programming facilities, in the sense of PacketPeer (UDP) and StreamPeer (TCP). Godot 3.0 will also have high-level multiplayer networking using ENet. WebSockets are not supported yet, but support for them may be added in 3.1.

  2. Godot currently does not support bidirectional/right-to-left text, there's an issue about it on GitHub.

  3. Godot supports Android and iOS, and does support keyboard and sensors such as accelerometers. Many mobile games made using Godot have been published to app stores.

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