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I'm a complete beginner with Godot and I was wondering if there is any way to create two differents windows of the same game.
This feature will help me a lot as the Window "A" will be the game and the Window "B" will be the map for example or anything else but it's basically the same game. I really want to create something like that.

If it's impossible in Godot, please can you tell me which engine is capable of doing that...

If it's just impossible for any engine to do that, please tell me too.

Thanks In Advance,

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Split screen / multiple viewports?

If you mean separate windows like... almost nothing uses separate windows nowadays...

Like Gimp default layout?
No, currently does not support that, there is a request for the editor to be able to have separate windows, a feature like that could be useful for non-game projects.

I think most game engines do not support that because main gaming platforms are for a single screen/window.

Try with SFML or SDL, not sure about Lime/OpenFL and game engines that work over them.

Of course, you can dig into Godot source and try to make something, the same for Unreal.

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Godot can't do it. I don't know about other engines since I don't have experience with them, but asking about other game engines might be off-topic.

EDIT: Maybe Godot can do it with C++ modules? I don't know.

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