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extends "res://Codes/"

var AsteroidSmall = preload("res://Scence/AsteroidSmall.tscn")
var AsteroidMedium = preload("res://Scence/AsteroidMedium.tscn")

export (float) var explode_force = 300

signal explode

enum Size {

export (Size) var size = Size.LARGE
var radius

func ready():
connect("explode", self, "
radius = getnode("Sprite").texture.getwidth() / 2 * get_node("Sprite").scale

func explode():
if size != Size.SMALL:
for i in range(0,3):
var offset
dir = PI * 2 / 3 * i
var asteroid
match size:
asteroid = AsteroidSmall.instance()
asteroid = AsteroidMedium.instance()
asteroid.position = position + radius.rotated(offsetdir)
velocity = linearvelocity + Vector2(explodeforce, 0).rotated(offsetdir)
sleeping = true

where is the mistake?

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Do you have a .tscn file at the path Scence/AsteroidSmall.tscn? This path is case-sensitive (or it will become so in an exported project, on Windows). Make sure you didn't make a typo in the path (if your folder is called Scene or Scenes instead, it must match).

The same thing applies to Scence/AsteroidMedium.tscn.

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