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Hi guys i wanna know how to do that when an animation finishs the other one starts in the tween node

Godot version 3.4
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There is a builtin signal tweenfinished and tweenallfinished in Tween. If You want to play specific animations in order You can use it on conotation with yield()

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Do I have to add more than none node if for example I want to edit couple of proreties at once

One Tween is enough. Tweens can interpolate a lot of properties in the same time, just like AnimationPlayer. First You add lines of code to interpolate property, but they begin to interpolate only after You command tween to start :

Tween.interpolate_property("speed",0,5....and so on)
Tween.interpolate_property("size",5,10...and so on )

Tween emits signal "finished" whenever any property is done interpolating, and "all_finished" when last of them is done interpolating. Check exact signals names in signal tab or in tween documentation

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