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Is it possible to put a high resolution text on top of low resolution screen (256x150) and keep text as high resolution?

My goal is to have very pixelated game and keep text unpixelated in original quality

Godot version 3.4.4.stable
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I would create the game in high resolution of your choice, Full HD even, and let the textures pixelated. Just make sure you untick filter in the texture imports. You just have to upscale your sprites then.

Are you talking about 2D or 3D?

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3D. I'm not sure that making textures pixelated will solve the problem, models will remain as original quality.

I tried to make an additional camera with 3D viewport sprite attached in front of original player camera and set original player camera render distance to 5.

In short, it's just like a flying screen in front of the player.
By the way it failed because for some reason viewport texture doesn't update when moved.

Ah, 3D. I understand. This makes things more complex. I'm not sure in this case. Your idea with the sprite in front of a camera sounds like a possible solution to me too, but too bad it doesn't work.

anyways, I googled and found this:

Isn't this what you want? Havent yet looked into how it works though.

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