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So I'm absolutory new to game developing and I'm currently learning Godot, I'm trying to create a project where there will be a time in the game when a player is given a task, for example avoiding monsters similar to this tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WEt2JHEe-do
However only one player will solve the task and the rest of the players will be just watching, the thing is the placement and movement of the monsters are generated randomly (through path2d ,pathFollow2d and a timer), I want to show exactly what's happening to the other players and let just one of them take control.
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How can I show other players "the screen" of that player?

Ps: the game is WiFi Lan multiplayer game, using GDScript .

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You can attach cameras to other players and use make_current() method when you need to show their screen. After that use make_current() on the main camera

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Thanks for answering , but can you explain more ,in my current situation i have camera2d as a child to the game node , this camera follows the network master player, the task i was talking about will be added as a child to the game node when a button is clicked ,so currently only the network master (how clicked the button) will see the task and solve it let's call him player X, the rest of players don't get the same task added to their tree .I want the rest of players to be able to view the task that has been added to the player X and they should be able to see how X is reacting .
Like literarily I want to load X screen on all players during that task.

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