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I'm a new user. But I'll keep this short and concise. How do I transfer my game from Unity to Godot Engine, assets and all? I need complete steps or a link to those steps if necessary. Thanks.


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This Reddit thread is likely worth a look.

Reddit - Unity to Godot

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Thanks for the feedback, but when I took a glimpse at it, I see nothing about a process to properly migrating my game project from Unity to Godot Engine. Sorry I didn't clarify well enough, but I just need a tutorial or something so I can transfer my unfinished game.

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In my opinion
For 2D Godot much better
For 3D Unity of course better

But godot will have bright future with 3d games development, its just matter of time

Best regards

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There is no automatic way to transfer, since the engines are fairly different. You just have to rebuild it in Godot.

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