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Hi, I have three nodes, each with a popup. Signals can trigger the popups in any order. I find that even when called with popup_centered some of the popups render behind the others.

Even if I re-order the nodes so that the popup parent node is higher or lower in the tree than the other popup parent nodes the original behaviour persists.

What are the rules for multiple exclusive popups? Is there a way to force the latest popup_centered to appear on top?

To summarise: I would like a call to popup to put the latest popup on top no matter what other popups are active.

Godot version 3.4.x
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Why does your project have multiple pop-ups?

A custom dialog popup for a date selector, then a confirmation popup to confirm selection, then a warning popup that it will overwrite an existing request.

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This is late but you could try changing the z-index of the latest popup to a higher number with something like:

z_index = 50

or any other higher number

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