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I notice there is an sqlite plugin, If I am going to depend on a plugin that includes binary code, there probably needs to be at least some modicum of trust yes? However the sqlite plugin is created by someone with the name "2shady4u".

Assume for a minute that the plugin is nefarious and your boss finds out you imported something called "2shady4u", it probably won't end well.

What is the best most trusted simple/lightweight datastore godot developers use for applications? I'd prefer to be in a situation where, if a database engine binary was nefarious in some way, i'd be in the same situation as everyone else.

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2 Answers

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2shady4u has been a member of the Godot community for a while (and are using Godot in their own commercial projects), so they tend to be considered trustworthy nowadays.

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This is "2shady4u" themselves :)

You can check out all the relevant C++ source on Github yourself and see the exact workings of this plugin. As I use this plugin for my own Godot projects it would be rather counter-productive to do anything nefarious.

Also if you download the plugin from the Asset Lib there won't be any mention of the name "2shady4u" as I use my real name in both the plugin.cfg and the

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