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My game prototype behaves completely normally while playtesting, and up until recently, the HTML5 export on behaved the same. Then something changed, I have no idea what, and the camera started glitching out in the export, but not in playtesting. From what I can make out, the character speed is also messed up in the export. Just to check, I created a Windows export of the same thing, and it behaved normally, just like in playtesting. I also uploaded an older export back to to see if it behaved like before, or if it glitched out as well, and it behaved like before, completely fine, so the error has to be in the export itself. (I also tried reverting to Godot 3.2.3, which I was using up until very recently, but it made no difference.)

Could the error be in the export templates that Godot downloads the first time you try to export something? I have exported files from Godot 3.4.4 before, and they turned out completely normal, is it possible the export templates were damaged later? If so, how can I replace them, where would I find them? I tried looking for them in my Godot files folder, but I only found the 3.2.3 export templates.

Could the bug be in my programming? If so, what would cause it to run normally in the playtesting and Windows export, but not in the HTML5 export?

Here's a link to the broken export on, in case you want to see for yourself: TW: Heavy flashing

If I left some important info out, please let me know.

Godot version 3.4.4
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