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E 0:00:00.858   mesh_add_surface: Condition "!(p_format & VisualServer::ARRAY_FORMAT_VERTEX)" is true.
  <C++ Source>  drivers/gles3/rasterizer_storage_gles3.cpp:3332 @ mesh_add_surface()

followed by

E 0:00:00.866   mesh_surface_set_material: Index p_surface = 0 is out of bounds (mesh->surfaces.size() = 0).
  <C++ Source>  drivers/gles3/rasterizer_storage_gles3.cpp:3872 @ mesh_surface_set_material()

32 errors on startup and already in output before running project.
Scene is a hex tilemap - spatial node with 9 multimesh instances. I already got it to work yesterday, closed the editor and now when I reopened Godot this errors happen and no mesh is rendered at all, just camera staring at nothingness. One of my meshes can't be previewed within multimeshinstance.multimesh property, there is nothing wrong with all the rest. Does anybody understand that error ?

Godot version 3.4
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