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I'm using Zylann's terrain add-on to generate terrains in-game based on real world regions. The generation is for now going pretty well, but I have met a big issue with the plane I wanted to use as an "ocean" mesh : it just glitches as hell when I zoom out or zoom in from the map, in the editor.

Indeed the issue apparently disappears when I launch the game ; but I'd like if possible to be able to play with the scene without having my eyes melting because of this glitch.
The mesh material not related since the issue is still here.

Here's a video on the thing:

Thanks in advance.

Godot version 3.4.4
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3 Answers

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The plane's y axis is the same as the terrain. Try changing the plane's y axis value to something small like, 0.1.

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I can guarantee you it's not. My water is located at +40 in Y position, my terrain is at 0 (and the engine forces it to stay here).

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Still waiting for the correct answer..

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This does look like z-Fighting though. Are you using a CSGShape node for the ocean? Try disabling gizmos (CSG in particular) in the 3D "View" options.

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