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So I am a beginner and I have added a Label as a child to a CanvasLayer which is the scene. now I am following a tutorial and in the tutorial, he goes to the Control component of the Label and finds the Custom Font setting and changes the Font inside. now for me, i Can't find some of the settings in Control including Custom Font, and I've checked elsewhere for answers, all I got was to go to theme override and import a font there, but no parameter in theme override supports .ttf files. How to change the font? thanks.

Godot version 3.4
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Nevermind, I just didn't check Theme override thoroughly enough. all you have to do is go to theme overrides > Fonts > Font, and add a new dynamic font, and the part I missed was to open up the dynamic font, dynamic font > Font > Font Data, and add your font to font data. settings is also there.

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