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I'm trying to set the global translation value, but I can't find any resources on how the setglobaltranslation() function works. Someone wanna help out?
I can get the global translation just fine, but I can't set it

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I remember that I once had the same problem for a game jam (only time I worked in 3D in godot) and once I found out the awnser, I was quite amused. If i remember correctly is something like this:

var node
node.global_transform.origin = Vector3(0,0,0)

of course set it to whatever Vector3 you want, and sorry if it isnt exactly as I wrote it, but I remember yo had to acces the whole globaltransform and the origin, so it will be at least something similar. Still cant believe there isnt a more accesible globalposition like in 2D

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