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i have been getting the following error for a while

E 0:05:31.056 areasetshapedisabled: Can't change this state while flushing queries. Use calldeferred() or setdeferred() to change monitoring state instead.
Condition "area->get
space() && flushingqueries" is true.
2d/physics2dserversw.cpp:362 @ areasetshapedisabled()

the thing is that it does not reference any script nor line, i suspect that it may have something to do with a Area2D signal, although i have gone through every scene that could contain a signal like that.

it gives me 5 to 11 errorsenter image description here and them the game crashes

this happens on both godot 3.5 rc4 and godot 3.4.4

screenshot of the error

Godot version 3.5 rc4 , 3.4.4
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1 Answer

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It is automatic signal happening on queue_free() of area or body. Precede freeing with call_deferred, just like error suggests

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