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extends Node2D

onready var Signal = $AnimationPlayer

func process(delta):"KromCut_01")

func onAnimationPlayeranimationfinished(animname):
match animname:
tree().calldeferred("changescene", "res://assets/cutscene_01.tscn")

I need help with this script in the cutscene that i working, is still loop over and over again and the problem is with and match animname:

Preview Image

Godot version 3.5 rc5
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loop runs continuously

1 Answer

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To clarify what ramazan meant :

if animation is played in process(), it is endlessly being started, so it is stuck at frame 0, and it never reaches end of the animation. Animation_finished is never emitted.

You have to play your animation once. For example in ready() or input(event)

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I don't know if i'm wrong but in the function i need to change "process" to ready() or input(event) ?

func ready():"KromCut_01")

func onAnimationPlayeranimationfinished(animname):
match animname:
gettree().calldeferred("changescene", "res://assets/cutscene_01.tscn")

What do You want to happen ?
If You want animation to start playing when project starts - You need to play("Kromcut_01") in ready(). If You also want animation to loop, just choose loop option in Animation player editor. It is actually a very small button, on the top right of animation menu.

If You want animation to start playing when an action is pressed, You need to move this line of code to input(event)

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