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I want to check if all variables (which are booleans) in an array are true or false.

EG. (VERY basic and stripped down pseudo code just meant to get the point across)

var array = [x, y, z]

func onClick():
    array[0] = false #x to false
    array[1] = false #y to false
    array[2] = false #z to false

func _process(delta):
    if all of array is false:

Thank you in advance.

Godot version version 3.4
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If array[0] == false and array[1] == false and array[2] == false:
   do whatever

Is there not a more efficient way to do this? I am aware of this, but I want to check for ALL at the same time and if they ARE all false then it will do something.

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You can also use the in operator for that:

if not false in array:
    print("All entries are true")
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I didn't know this was legal

Awesome, thank you so much!
This will be very useful.

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