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0 votes Here is a link to the SS

I have been trying to access a console node from tree. Clearly node path is correct but godot doesnt get it.

Here is my code:

onready var console = getparent().getnode("Player/CanvasLayer/console")

func physicsprocess(delta):
print(isinstancevalid(console)) <---- dis line keeps outputing false

I think the problem is console isnt in the tree when game launches. its instanced when player presses the console_toggle button. But as you can see when console node is instanced to the scene tree, line i mentioned above still returns false, and when i get rid of /console after canvaslayer it returns true.

Godot version 3.3.4
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2 Answers

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onready var console = getparent().getnode("Player/CanvasLayer/console")


onready var console = getnode("Player/CanvasLayer/console")

try this
or this:

onready var console = getnode("CanvasLayer/console")

depending on context. Try adding "/" in the beginning as well

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Nope, still same error message

nothing is working, is this a bug or something

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Nevermind i've found the solution. It was very stupid, console node wasnt in the scene tree initialy so i had to get a node to canvaslayer, and then console.get_node("console")

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