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Take a look at this video

When camera is zooming, parts of the polygons simply disappear.
Its also happening in the editor when I open up the sprite and zoom in.
However in the editor, if I zoomed in and the polygons2d's disappeared, I can then the top parent node invisible and visible again, everything comes back again.
I can record a video for that too if necessary.

Anyone has any idea what is going on here ?

Godot version 3.3.2.stable.moon.official
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Anyone can help ?

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Yea unfortunately when you have too many sprites. Especially small ones this happens. Either make the man one sprite or put all the body parts in a spritesheet. That's my advice.

This happened with my project too. Initially I wanted advance character customization so I put head eyes torso as different sprites. This is not good for rendering. Not just for Godot but other softwares too. In my case one of the eyebrow would disappear or the eyeball would disappear. Blurriness, jagged edges.

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This answer is based on my own experience. You could be having a completely different issue though.

First, thanks for the reply !

This is nuts.
How can I change it to Spritesheet? I use AnimationTree for travelling between states.

Do you know if this bug is reported ?

Instead of separate pages file for the body parts. Put them all in the same file. Actually put the individual parts inside squares. These squares should be equal in size. This will make it easier to split your spritesheet into different parts. If the square is 4x4 then move it 4 horizontally or vertically. Put the parts inside the squares.
I use inkscape to do this.
Then export the whole thing as png.

*png not pages

I opened an issue about this bug
Including an example project and a video.

See if you can join and add more information.

BTW, I am using one spritesheet for the images.

I thought I replied to this. But hey good they're going to fix this. Is the visual server method working for you?

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