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i making that when you hit enemies from the side you lose health and bounce back in my platformer game

enemy calling the function

func _on_side_checker_body_entered(body):

hurt function

func hurt(var enemyposx):
velocity.y = -200

if position.x < enemyposx:
    velocity.x = 200
if position.x > enemyposx:
    velocity.x = -200 -= 0

Godot version 3.4.4
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What exact thing that doesen't work? Did console print < or >?

it did print >
no matter which side i hit the enemy

print ("player", position.x)

print("enemy", enemyposx)

2 Answers

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Try this instead

if self.global_position.x < enemyposx:
    velocity.x = 200
if self.global_position.x > enemyposx:
    velocity.x = -200
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Yeah. And hurt() i think sould be called with global_position.x too.

didn't work :(

is enemyposx also a capture of the enemies global_position.x or the enemies position.x?

here is where i call the hurt func

func _on_side_checker_body_entered(body):

Okay so I am assuming that is your enemy? Try changing it to this

func _on_side_checker_body_entered(body):
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Could it be that the body in the first function is the child of another node? What could fix the problem, in that case, is using the global_position instead of the normal position.

Like this:

func _on_side_checker_body_entered(body):

It might be necessary to change the position in your hurt function to global_position too.

position is always relative to the parent of that node, while global_position is the position relative to the root node.

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