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I want to access the viewport container's> Size Flags > Horizontal > Expand via gdscript.

I can't find how to do this with Doc. Both online docs and Godot engine's documentation is missing info regarding this. Does anyone know.

A screenshot below if you didn't fully understand my question.
enter image description here
When I did $ViewportContainer.sizeflagshorizontal did come up but after that when I do a . and nothing appears after that. And the documents don't have a sizeflagshorizontal either. Any ideas?

Godot version 3.4.4
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$viewportcontainer.sizeflagshorizontal = the value can be 1 for just fill, 2 for expand, 1 for fill and expand, 4 for Shrink center, 8 for shrink end.

Similarly there is also sizeflagsvertical.

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ViewportContainer inherites up from Control node.

Here's the API reference:

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The flag part is just of the Methods.

Thank you! I kinda saw this but didn't know how to use it. And after some experimentation I figured it out.

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