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So i made a scene in it there's this room that has two giant doors open but before that a spotlight will appear if the player get to close to the door (im using an area node to detect the player) and plays a sound effect
So i gave it a test and the audio works although more quite than the editor after that i dragged the scene containing the doors and the spotlight and its sfx to the level i needed it to be in when i get close to the door the spotlight turns on the doors open but i can't hear the sfx, i did some debugging to check if the audio actually plays and it does i simply don't hear it i don't know why please help
Additional information: the format of the sfx is WAV
and as i said in the editor the sound is loud and clear but in the scene it's more quiet
Im using a audioplayer3d node

Godot version 3.4.4
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try with
AudioStreamPlayer (but not 3D)

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One thing you could do is make a scene with just the Area2D, the spot light and the music.
Then you just put this scene as child of the main scene (the level where you will use it).

To "debug" it would be easier since there is less nodes in that scene and the scene itself would have full "responsability" for how the sound would play.

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