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Hey everyone! I need help with how to implement some point and click mechanics in a small game I'm making.

My main character is in a room, and he can turn on and off the lights in said room, that changes which objects he can interact with, and of course, if he, for example, moves a piece of furniture with the lights on, this piece of furniture will remain in that position with the lights off.

Any tips or ideas on how to approach this mechanic? I'm guessing I should have two screens active at the same time so i can obtain information on one and switch to the other, but I'm not sure how to implement it.

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Since the room will be the same, no need to have two of anything. What you have are two states, so a simple var is_light_on = true or false will do the trick. you can have it in any script that makes sense, and then you check the var to see what interactions are possible.

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