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This happened suddenly without me making any significant change. I even undid these changes to see if they caused this issue but nothing works, anything I try seems to break it more than it already is. If you have any ideea how to solve this issue please let me know, any kind of help is very much appreciated, I just don't want to lose my project right now.


Godot version 3.4.4
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Does your project use external resources like JSONs or sheets ? Is there any file You open in your project, that leads to other destination than "/res" ? ( like saves ? )

It uses PNGs and WebM formats and things like this, but they worked just fine before and I didn't really play around with them since they already did what I needed. Btw, I use Qodot for making maps, idk if this helps

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If you are using assert() in your code (maybe you followed Game Endeavor's tutorial) that could cause problems. Assert only works in debug mode, and not in release mode.

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