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hi all,

i'm making a beat-em up game and i have a player who when punching objects (bins, oil barrels etc) will cause the object to break and disperse into the air and disappear . similar in games like final fight (see GIF link):

I'm trying to figure out what method i.e kinematicBody3D or rigidbody3D is best to simulate an object that is hit and is pushed away and disappears. My first thought was using RigidBody3D . can someone guide me to a tutorial explaining the method or better show a script example as a start. thanks

Godot version v3.4.4 stable.official(419e713a2)
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There is a similar feature in 3d, but I don't think so in 2d. Use object's "spritesheet"

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Why are You going 3d ? You realize Final Fight is entirely 2d ? Illusion of depth is provided by Y-sort and Z indexing. Applicating rigid physics for such simple task is total overkill too. Just code some gravity and random impulse force, so the shrapnels bounce from their original position.y.

Unless You are making 3d brawler game, like Virtual Cop or DieHard

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