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Is it possible to make 4 circles in a row in landscape mode and for portrait mode, two circles move above and 2 circles move below. I need urgent guidance.

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Godot haven't float containers, but you can use GridContainer and dynamicly change it's colums number through the script when the screen rotates. Like this:

func _ready():
    get_tree().root.connect("size_changed", self, "_on_viewport_size_changed")

func _on_viewport_size_changed():
    if get_tree().root.get_size().x > get_tree().root.get_size().y:
        colums = 4
        colums = 2
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To add to USBashka's answer - there is also AutoGridContainer in the AssetLib for more generic solution, although I haven't used it.

You can also use OS.screen_orientation in the if statement

Yeah, you're right. And it's also FlowContainers was added in the 3.5 version RC8 (still recommend using stable)

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