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I want to find someone to hire as a freelancer to work for a game project (using Godot), to be more specific, someone from Brazil. Where should I look ?

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i don't really use reddit that much, but try your luck in r/gameDevClassifieds
this isn't really a Godot engine question though

Awesome, Reddit does seem like a good place to give it a try
I marked it as "Engine question" due to it not having any other options (leaving it blank wouldn't allow the Question to be posted)

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Title your post here like, Hiring Coder Whom Speak Portuguese.
Could help.

Try also in:

Your best bet is in the Godot community.
But be more specific about you goals.

2D or 3D. Your a beginner and need a tutor or you have a full project and now just need a clean implementation.
That's kind of info help anyone interested in a job know what you want.

Also search in the community about posts of people looking for job.
I think there was one here some weeks back.

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Aye, I see
Goal was to first discover what would be a good place to actually go looking for someone, such as "External places" vs "Official Godot ones".

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