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How Well Can TileMaps render a bunch of tiles, where some of the tiles are on-screen and some are off-screen?

Well, I tested just that, by having a camera scroll along a TileMap and rendering every tile within its view, while only removing (aka clearing) tiles outside of its view once certain conditions are met. Among the categories tested and data recorded are:

  • Camera Speed
  • Clearing tiles outside of screen once a condition is met (low fps or too many tiles)
  • FPS
  • Tiles on Map
  • Used Tiles

This GitHub Repository has the project, feel free to use it however you want: https://github.com/RowlandR/TileMap-Rendering-Efficiency

Here is a picture of what it looks like: https://github.com/RowlandR/TileMap-Rendering-Efficiency/blob/main/Screenshot%20(102).png

If you have any comments or something like that (or anything like this project because this is an interesting problem), feel free to ask/answer in this thread.

Godot version 3.4.4
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