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My code is suppossed to have a progressbar that will show you how full your storage is, but instead it says that the bits / capacity * 100 is 0, and only changes it to 100% once its at max, and i have no idea why. The code in question:

func _process(delta):
$Label.text = str(Bits)
Second += delta
if Bits > 0:
    $ProgressBar.value = round(Bits / Capacity) * 100
    print(round(Bits / Capacity) * 100)
if Second > 1:
    Second = 0.001
    if Bits < Capacity and Bits + Spark_Gens < Capacity:
        Bits = Bits + Spark_Gens
        if Spark_Gens > 0:
        Bits = Capacity
Godot version 3.4 i think
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1 Answer

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If Bits and Capacity are integers, then this makes sense.

var a = 1
var b = 2
var c = a / b  # c is 0, because of integer division

If you convert one or both to floats, your result will be a float, ex: float(Bits)

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