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When I make a final release version of my app, I can disable stderr and stdout, but when I start it from the console window, the app still prints a new line, making it look like it's still waiting for you to press Enter or something (even though that is not the case, you could type the next command there). Any ideas what could be causing this? Here, my Test project only has a new scene with a single button.

enter image description here

However, if I run Pixelorama or MaterialMaker in the same way, there is no extra new line and the cursor stays at the next prompt.

Godot version v3.5-stable-official-991bb6ac7, Windows 10
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As of Godot 3.5, console handling on Windows was refactored to allow for more flexibility. That said, it's recommend to export a console script if you plan on making the app usable from the command line:

Edit: For reference, this was cross-posted on GitHub:

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