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I am kind of new to Ysort (still don't how this clearly works probably detecting y coordinate or something like that) and when put kinematic body and tileset as a child of Ysort it didn't work. I tried many things like

  • enabling y sort in tilesets,
  • changing the tex offset to the trunk of the tree (tree is the tile set here)
  • changing the orders of kinematic and tilesets
  • changing the tile origin
  • changing the Z-order
  • checking centered

but none of them worked. but here the thing that confuses me if i put sprites and tilesets as a child Ysort it works normally. So is there is a way to fix this?

here's the picture(not sure if the picture will be displayed)

Godot version 3.4.4 stable
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You need to place the YSort node as parent of your player and tile map nodes, also the order affects about how it works so you my need to place it in that way:

- Player
- Tilemap

Here is an awesome tutorial about it:

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